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It is not neo-Malthusian, but plain old Malthusian to argue that there  are 
too many people on the planet, that the planet has some sort of fixed  
"carrying capacity" based on limitations not known, not calculated, not  
verfiable, based in fact on the limitations generated by the class nature 

The issues are not population and consumption.
The better part of a decade later, after our initial discussions, I  have 
come to better understand that "carrying capacity" is a totally bourgeois  
concept that seeks to cloak the carrying capacity of capital, as a given  
movement of wage labor and capital; and as moments, as capital metabolizes  
labor and in an epochal curve, decrease the overall labor imputes and  drives 
value to its historical limitation.  Capital loses its carrying  capacity but 
this appears to the bourgeoisie as the lose of the carrying  capacity of the 
A primer on this matter of carrying capacity is located here: 
Human population and ecology.
It is noted that this article was written a few years after the initial  
discussions on this list. 

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