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Thu Apr 23 14:47:51 MDT 2009


May Day 2009 National  Mobilization

Post your local May Day 2009 Action Calendar:

A national day of multi-ethnic unity with youth, labor, peace and
justice communities in solidarity with immigrant workers and building
a new immigrant rights & civil rights movement.

Wear white t-shirt, and organize local actions to support immigrant
worker rights!

We encourage everyone to actively link our issues with different
struggles: wars in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Iraq, Afghanistan,
Palestine & Korea, with sweatshops exploitation in Asia as well as in
Los Angeles and New York; international arm sales and WTO, FTAA, NAFTA
& CAFTA with AIDS, hunger, child labors and child solider; as well as
multinational corporations and economic exploitation with racism and
poverty at home.

We can win the struggle together.
May Day 2009!

You can join the immigrant Solidarity Network daily news litserv (4-5
e-mails per day)
by sending e-mail to: isn-subscribe at lists.riseup.net
or visit: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/isn

Also, you can send your May Day 2009 reports to: 
info at ImmigrantSolidarity.org

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