[Marxism] US: A Sick Society

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Havana, Tuesday April 14, 2009. Year 13 / Number  104

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A CubaNews translation by Odilia Galván Rodríguez.

While the University of Virginia has reopened the wing of the
building in which the South Korean student Cho Seung Hi, on April 16
2007, killed 30 people before committing suicide in Michigan, one
woman and a man were found dead on the Henry Ford campus in Dearborn.
They are the latest victims of a growing phenomenon, an apparently
uncontrollable one in the United States: crimes involving firearms -
violence as a pattern within a sick society.


Still in memory, are the images of Cho on the Internet, when he was
planning to commit the largest massacre perpetrated by a civilian in
recent history of the U.S. An act that was committed in the same week
as the anniversaries of the Columbine school attack in Colorado, the
bombing in Oklahoma City, and the police assault on the premises of a
religious sect in Waco, Texas, which together totaled more than 200

The point is, that the long list of crimes committed on a daily
basis, has continued to heat up the debate for some time now, on the
rights of Americans to carry firearms. The Bill of Rights, the term
given to the first ten amendments to the Constitution, contains,
among other freedoms for U.S. citizens, the right to own and bear

Set down in this law is a culture of violence, in a society
exacerbated by other things such as films and electronic games, which
encourage it, according to sociologists and psychologists who have
warned against this.

According to data from the FBI in November, after the election of
Barack Obama, arms sales soared nearly 50% over the previous year. A
fact that signals to the National Rifle Association, a powerful
lobbying group and "charitable" donor to political causes, that they
have gained ground among some lawmakers, especially the Republicans.


In 1994, President Clinton approved a ban on semiautomatic rifles
that lasted ten years. Now some analysts say that the sale and
control of firearms is one of the topics on President Obama's agenda,
one more in the complex and disastrous domestic situation he
inherited from his predecessor George W. Bush - plus the heated
situation in the international arena.

A study of the phenomenon appeared in the journal: Archives of
Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, which stated that, for example,
more than two million teenagers came to school carrying weapons
during the month of March.

And if this were not enough, after the tragic events at the Henry
Ford campus, students and other sectors of the state of Michigan are
asking that students be allowed to carry guns to schools, because,
incredibly, that would make them safer.

According to the television, the number of permits for carrying
weapons (concealed weapons) is growing to the point that, in Kent
County alone, more than 300 of those licenses may be granted this

The situation is alarming. In recent weeks there have been several
massacres in the United States, and they have not been exclusive to
big city neighborhoods. Generally, permits for rifles are given with
very few restrictions.

In Casselberry, Florida, a 44-year-old woman shot a bullet into her
20-year-old son's head and then committed suicide; she wrote in a
note that she was trying to save the boy. "I am very sorry," Marie
Moore wrote in several notes. "I had to send my son to heaven, and I
to hell," she added.

It is like a return to barbarism.

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