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Removing that capitalism removes that  necessity.  It doesn't mean all 
problems immediately disappear.   It means the NECESSITY to continuously 
reproduce those problems on a greater  scale disappears.

There is no "unto itself" necessity to deplete fish  stocks-- to have "too 
many poles in the water" to use Barry's quaint  image.

This seems to mean - to me, that the bourgeois organization of commercial  
fishing as an industry and profit center, reproduces in a widening scale  
depletion rather than "too many poles in the water." This bourgeois 
organization  of commercial fishing, (fishing for profits one might say), deploys 
various  methods and techniques in sinking its nets into the ocean of probable  
profitability and this might perhaps have something to do with exacerbating  
depletion of various fishing stock, on a widening scale. 
To solve the problem of depletion and then restocking requires that the  
impulses driving depletion be stopped. Economic impulse must be considered is  
shaping a solution to depletion. The solution would to over fishing would 
seem  to be found in "stop doing it."  That is to stop the huge commercial 
fleets  and reorganize the entire arena of fishing to correspond with our  
increasing understanding and desire to restore nature's spontaneous bounty in a 
 way that corresponds with our growing awareness of our impact on nature.  

Much is involved in any solution to a society problem, including overcoming 
 ignorance and bad habits as ritual behavior. However, to effect a long 
term  solution to a society problem, one must try and locate that, which is  
fundamental to reproducing the problem in a widening scope. 
Did the old Soviets over fish "their waters?" Let's assume that they did  
for the moment. The solution remains the same: "stop doing it." Does that 
mean  that over fishing by say the Soviets was driven by the same economic 
impulses?  Of course not. 
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