[Marxism] US: A Sick Society

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Fri Apr 24 13:05:12 MDT 2009

The Granma article states:
> The Bill of Rights, the term given to the first ten amendments to the 
> Constitution, contains,
> among other freedoms for U.S. citizens, the right to own and bear
> arms!
Note the exclamation mark. The United States is a sick society in many 
ways, but the right to bear arms is not one of them. My own shotgun is 
for hunting, as are the weapons of millions of Americans. Sure, in a 
revolution weapons could come in handy, but meanwhile the U.S. is ahead 
of Cuba on this one. It almost makes me want to rejoin the NRA (which I 
joined for a year to protest Bill Clinton's efforts at disarming 
ordinary citizens and, of course, arming the pig forces to the teeth).

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