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Could you please recommend some(s) marxist theorist/book(s) on HR? Thanks!!

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Years ago, Yad Vashem barred the eminent Holocaust
historian Raul Hilberg (author of *The
Destruction of the European Jews*) 
from access to their files
because they didn't like his portrayal of the
Jewish councils as having been complicit in
the Holocaust.  No doubt the fact that
those councils were often dominated
by Zionists, had more than a little
to do with their decision.


Jim F.
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Subject: [Marxism] Fired for comparing Holocaust to Nakba
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Yad Vashem fires employee who compared Holocaust to Nakba
By Yoav Stern

Yad Vashem has fired an instructor who compared the trauma of Jewish 
Holocaust survivors with the trauma experienced by the Palestinian 
people in Israel's War of Independence.

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