[Marxism] Eating is not over-consumption

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That was no capitalist calculation based on accumulation.  The Soviets did 
not grow the cotton in Uzbekistan for the purpose of accumulating capital 
through the appropriation of exchange value.  That would be the typically 
capitalist calculation-- i.e.  I can make a profit from growing this cotton, 
reproduce the original investment on a larger scale, aggrandize more suprlus 
labor and generate an even greater propfit so that I can accumulate capital 
and reproduce the investment again on a larger scale.............

The Soviet bureaurcracy was growing the cotton to avoid expending hard 
currency on imported cotton, thus increasing its dependence on the world 
market.  Doesn't mean the Soviet bureaucracy handled the farming 
intelligently, or that it even properly gauged the world markets and the 
costs of doing business one way vs. the other-- but it, the decision, was 
not determined by the need to reproduce capital vs. the need for cotton.

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