[Marxism] Abolish the Fucking Hospitals: The leading cause of death and injury in the United States

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Sat Apr 25 10:25:25 MDT 2009

Agreed, Patrick. 

BUT I suspect it is much easier to just label everything non-mainstream as hocus pocus rather than dealing with this particular issue of deaths caused by doctors. If you notice the JAMA report points to  deaths caused by the CORRECT USAGE of pharmaceuticals, that rather begs the question don't you think?

In other words, there is a systemic problem with the introduction of new drugs where the profit motive outweighs the possibility of harm done to the patient. 

I could give many examples, but look at the beta blocker issue.  Introduced after successful trial runs, it led to thousands of unecessary deaths. Why? Well why not if your gonna make $$ off of it. 

Even though Cuba uses a MD-centric model, they're not burdened with the exigencies of the marketplace. So they have no issues with iatrogenic deaths and there are no turf wars. Scientific research can happen without market distortions and so you have alternative approaches used to great effect after proper screening. And you don't have orthopedists dogging the chiropractors, or internal medicine specialists pooh-pooing the acupuncturists. And you certainly don't have physical therapists stealing from LMT's and then trying to limit our purview. 

Shit, the only way I can even say the word "stretch" to a massage client is because I'm a registered yoga teacher. As an LMT I could lose my license.  All due to turf wars with PT's. Science has nothing to do with it. Its all about increasing your client base. 

The other issues are related directly to the profit motive within the medical industry as well. Cutting back on staff to cut costs leads to too many mistakes and too few doctors and nurses with too many patients and too little rest. 

So I find the whole quackery issue to be incredibly self-serving and institutionally solipsistic. 

Greg McD

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