[Marxism] Abolish the Fucking Hospitals: The leading cause of death and injury in the United States

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Sat Apr 25 11:42:05 MDT 2009

On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 1:28 PM,  <sabocat59 at mac.com> wrote:
> Chegitz guevara writes:
> nsurance also pays for massages, which is what chiropracty is.
> What a fucking idiot you are. Chiropractors adjust joints and deal with bones. Massage manipulates soft tissue.

So do I, when I crack my knuckles. Here's the thin about joints. After
you move them, they move right back. That's the way your body works,
so you don't end up a puddle on the ground.

> Both have solid science behind their practices. If you want to see some science behind massage check the journal of movement and bodywork therapies. I can't post that material here or I will be silenced by the moderator.

What solid science? Asthma can be cured by aligning your spinal
column? Are you fucking kidding me? Chiropracty makes testable claims,
and they have all been proven false. Does it make people feel better?
Yes. So does crack. Doesn't mean it's healthy. Chiroprachty is nothing
but a glorified massage.

> In terms of the efficacy of chiropractic, I don't have any studies to point to at the moment, only 15 years of working with chiros and seeing positive results both from my clients and for my own low back issues. The science behind putting out of kilter joints back in alignment is pretty sraightforward, but you still have some orthopedists pooh-pooing it at the same time they're sharpening their knives. Hardly disinterested.
> At the same time I know a few more humble orthos who actually work with chiros and LMT's in order to keep from losing their client base. Most people try anything to avoid the knife, and for good reason. And if they fall onto the table of a chiro with skillful hands all the better.
> Greg McD

Anecdotal evidence proves nothing. I saw the devil when I had some
medicine when I was a child. Doesn't mean the devil exists. Unless the
claims of chiropracty can be proven with scientific methods, it
remains nothing more than quackery. At best, chiropractors don't hurt
you. At worst, they can cripple you or cause you to delay seeking life
saving real medicine.

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