[Marxism] Abolish the Fucking Hospitals: The leading cause of death and injury in the United States

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When you crack your knuckles the pop sound is the release of pressure from the joint. It is a release of gas, a joint fart if you will. 

The difference between a chiro adjustment and the former is a chiro adjusts a joint which is out of alignment and if he does a good job the joint will come back into line. 

BUT if the soft tissue surrounding the joint is tight the effect will be short-lived. Thus the importance of massage in loosening up the muscles and fascia. The collagen fibers, which lay down on a daily basis,  reinforce chronic holding patterns. The fascia can be released through deep tissue techniques which involve pinning at attachments and calling for specific movement to engage the underlying musculature. This stretches the fascial sheath and can allow for greater range of motion. 

Yoga can work as well because prolonged holding of stretches, usually 90 seconds or so, is usually enough time to stretch the fascia as well. 

All this is based on a rudimentary understanding of kinesiology and anatomy, although Ida Rolf did have a Phd in biochemistry from Columbia university.  

Usually there are issues of structural misalignment which may take some effort on the part of the client to reasses habitual movement patterns. 

With training an LMT can observe these patterns and come up with a treatment plan which may take 4 or 5 sessions to work through and change subconscious patterning. 

But I frankly don't give a shit if you don't believe in what I do. If you ever end up with chronic back pain, by all means I suggest you go ahead and seek out a surgeon.  Low back surgery in particular usually has a 50-50 success rate. 

Go ahead and role the dice mother fucker. 

Greg McD
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