[Marxism] Klan leader to Czech police

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"...the Czech Republic has seen renewed debate over
right-wing extremism."
These 3 items from www.radio.cz
may be worth checking, although lacking detail.

   The David Duke arrest in Prague
   Prison for former 87 year old Czechoslovak communist
   Jewish protest stops anti-Semitic art show


Czech police arrest former Klan leader

The Czech police arrested former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke in
Prague after he arrived in the Czech Republic on Friday. The former
Klan leader had been invited by far-right extremists and was meant to
lecture at an undisclosed location during his visit. Police said they
made the arrest on the suspicion the American supported and promoted
movements aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms. Originally,
the former KKK head was to lecture to students taking a course on
extremism at Prague's Charles University but the university banned the
move earlier this week. A number of Czech politicians, including the
country's interior minister and the minister for human rights and
minorities, had expressed concern over Mr Duke's visit.

Brozova-Polednova files constitutional complaint

Ludmila Brozova-Polednova - the former Czechoslovak communist
prosecutor who was recently sentenced to six years behind bars for
judicial murder - has lodged a constitutional complaint asserting that
procedural mistakes accompanied her trial, the news website aktualne.cz
reported. Mrs Brozova-Polednova, who is 87, is serving her sentence in
the Svetla nad Sazavou prison, east Bohemia. Her defence lawyer said
that the panel of Supreme Court judges that turned down her appellate
review request were biased, the website said. The defendant was
sentenced to prison by the High Court in Prague last September. In late
February the courts rejected her request for her stay in prison to be
postponed over poor health.

Controversial art show shut down amidst protest from Jewish community

A controversial art show at a Prague gallery - depicting Nazis wearing
the Star of David instead of swastikas - was shut down on Thursday
within half an hour of opening, following protests by Jewish leaders.
The exhibition, by a Polish artist, featured a giant poster and eight
large-format photos. Frantisek Banyai, the head of the Jewish community
in Prague, charged the images were strongly anti-Semitic in character.
The artist, operating under an assumed name, reportedly wanted to
protest Israel's role in the Palestinian conflict. The controversy has
come at a time the Czech Republic has seen renewed debate over
right-wing extremism.

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