[Marxism] Eating is not over-consumption

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Particularly find myself in agreement with this:

"For instance

a). when all the social force that is the power of capital is concentrated
in the hands of the state;
b). and society enacts laws that prevent the individual from converting
wealth into ownership of the means of production and the right to hire and
deploy labor;
c). when the individual and institutions are blocked from owning and
disposing of the social products;
d). when the law that is the anarchy of production and its expression in
the tendency of the rate of profit to fall and decouple labor from the
production process;

when all attributes of bourgeois production are suppressed, in everything
fundamental to the society productivity infrastructure or in the production
of  socially necessary means of life; the society is not being driven in its
 economic impulses by the production of exchange values. Yet, one does not
necessarily have economic communism; but socialism or a form of  capital
held by the state. "

With another big proviso-- provided that the bourgeoisie themselves, as a 
class, have been expropriated, suppressed-- and without that, none of the 
other things could have been accomplished.

Take it for what it's worth, in all its uneven and combined triumph and 

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