[Marxism] International Socialist Review on Pharmaceutical

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Sun Apr 26 09:39:05 MDT 2009

On Apr 26, 2009, at 11:07 AM, Jeff wrote:

> Greg,
>     I am really disappointed in seeing a Marxist (thus a scientist)  
> as you
> failing to disentangle two very different issues:

Jeff seems to have an oddly constricted definition of "science," since  
he excludes from it all the discoveries from many thousands of years  
of human experience (except, perhaps, for that small portion which has  
been torn out of its living context and subjected to a statistical  
rigamarole in institutions controlled and financed by the established  
capitalist interests).

Shane Mage

> This cosmos did none of gods or men make, but it
> always was and is and shall be: an everlasting fire,
> kindling in measures and going out in measures."
> Herakleitos of Ephesos

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