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Sun Apr 26 12:34:39 MDT 2009

Jeff wrote:

My whole point was that many/most "alternative medicine" falls in the latercategory, and Greg or anyone else cannot tell me that they are"scientifically proven" without at least being able to cite statistics (anda repeatable experiment) which would yield a scientific conclusion. I wasable to do that in my last email, in which I showed how Isaac Newton'sconclusion could be verified statistically by dropping 8 apples. Have I notmade my point?-

Jesus christ man, I pointed you in the direction with some sources, you dissemble in private that you don't have the time or expertise to do the reading, and even though I gave you additional sources, books written by MD's and PT's, you're now claiming I haven't provided you with any scientific material. 

I think you should climb off your high horse and do some book work if you're going to continue in this vein. Otherwise, you're just demonstrating intellectual laziness. 

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