[Marxism] Extreme LED shepherding

mmatulka at comcast.net mmatulka at comcast.net
Sun Apr 26 20:12:34 MDT 2009

Not necessarily off topic.  What's the point?  That Twitter's cool, new and you'd better get on the 21st century bandwagon if you have any hope of being politically and socially relevant?  Comparison with the Battle of Seattle (which I participated in) should be expanded.  A negative example would be:  how effective and dangerous twitter can be given the lynch mobs of the early twentieth century - would we oooh and aaah at which bar or cafe the lynch mob was going to after the event?  And what about "the medium is the message" theory - how does this change our view of twitter?  And comparison with biological, species interaction is tenuous as well.  So, no, I don't find it off topic since technology plays a crucial role in capitalist development.  Any help with some of the things Marx posited about technology?  Cheers, Mike

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