[Marxism] [GreenLeft_discussion] Who are the Tamil Tigers

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 02:30:02 MDT 2009

Actually, the inhumane genocide against Tamils is a "tragedy of the highest
proportions". Dozens, sometimes hundreds of Tamil civilians are being wiped
out daily by the Sri Lankan military.

The LTTE are a resistance organisation. Few resistance organisations are
"pure". it doesn't change the relationshipo between oppressed and oppressor.
Whatever problems there may be witht he LTTE at different pooints int ime,
the onl;y reason ithey even exist is because of the violent oppression of
the Tamil people by the Sril Lankan state.

The allegation that the LTTE are holding civilians hostage is just that - an
allegation. There is actually a more likely explanation: that Tamil
civilians have no desire to rush towards the Sri Lankan militaty who have
been shelling htem without mercy — and place Tamils they caputre into
conceptration camps.

Other accounts suggest a different story, that in fact most displaced Tamils
try and seek refuge in the LTTE-controlled

true, the source is the LTTE. But the source for the counter-story is the
Sri Lanknan government. The differeence is that the  "widely alleged" you
refer to is simply that "wide sources" chose to side wit h the Sri Lankan
government claims over the Tiger ones.

Let's be cleaar: not only have the LTTE made repeated calls for a ceasfire,
they called a unilateral
Sri Lanka atrocities continue unabated.

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