[Marxism] The Pentagon's Cyber Command and "Full Spectrum Dominance"

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>     The Pentagon's Cyber Command: Formidable Infrastructure arrayed
> against the American People
> By Tom Burghardt
>  Global Research<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102562637049&s=9699&e=001CjzUnpuXx0Chz7Fpw8EULRKlJic-TnmxIVOBBCv3URL0QnoffmyffjkyURlx_QMcxOgbIlV1LGFZprwhSS1unPKuzfSpSxvG5Jt1JZDEuAeW9GFwn24pEg==>,
> April 26, 2009
>  Antifascist Calling...<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102562637049&s=9699&e=001CjzUnpuXx0BOl6NPwBGKGc2qRo3Xka1X7MWzb0wCbKrp_bG7oFhHOGNeP1u23C6gCHCza064StHNTq85e8U8j_MOeDdZaqWd27L03EbyN-_uOGCxzOZ4rFephQK1dTxKZ95EnQa0gls=>
> *The Wall Street Journal* *revealed*<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102562637049&s=9699&e=001CjzUnpuXx0CtpI0v-gpSbDWd9CLzZA-B_SC2dke3QpflpXaA8u6YuwF29659irYfZP8iYeB-uT2BdJm3PprTKz7yilfC6NzgxdererC-p8ZtAKwymGT3Y0unKgJXhnFqgA9zEpLMSVIcPyQYgAaXuNDx69RMchVI>April 24 that current National Security Agency (NSA) director Lt. General
> Keith Alexander will "head the Pentagon's new Cyber Command."
> Friday's report follows an April 22 *piece*<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102562637049&s=9699&e=001CjzUnpuXx0A2LdzZrtO9A7gflkupnyDAvr8gLiqR0oBF1jyWUm5Brk25Z9El6rz9FtsmT-8wpXc_wUeLzKwSnipXPF3Rb0selznCfvl8hNpvxC65N7eLcdeY-ozL4hJqAaAgkjYCtRBk7Zp_Rr_FkNacn3PsqUbp>published by the
> *Journal* announcing the proposed reorganization. The Obama
> administration's cybersecurity initiative will, according to reports,
> "reshape the military's efforts to protect its networks from attacks by
> hackers, especially those from countries such as China and Russia."
> When he was a presidential candidate, Obama had pledged to elevate
> cybersecurity as a national security issue, "equating it in significance
> with nuclear and biological weapons," the *Journal* reported.
> The new Pentagon command, according to *The Washington Post*<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102562637049&s=9699&e=001CjzUnpuXx0C0wjjswG4aulTLQFScZCZKQnLxgWoA5QaQrS_f51Lo2X-Kpf1ToMxTgntgYJoN1lIbVTsH1TB1N4Xjyqn07DvHilqf-6bbX38DqhLAC6xTZinHbsBHrHu8moEI2cFYBdpv4h79m3P-zZtD3SXCTyPuozC8fXQ8MSB9zBa1nOnBKCg1Jhe-8G7bKal37WWO-1W9ixtUGRzzZQ==>,
> "would affect U.S. Strategic Command, whose mission includes ensuring U.S.
> 'freedom of action' in space and cyberspace, and the National Security
> Agency, which shares Pentagon cybersecurity responsibilities with the
> Defense Information Systems Agency."
> How Cyber Command's launch would effect civilian computer networks is
> unclear. However, situating the new agency at Ft. Meade, under the watchful
> eyes of National Security Agency snoops, should set alarm bells ringing.
> full --
> <www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13354>

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