[Marxism] What killed the auto industry?

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What killed the auto industry?
Capital as capital/capitol crimes. Felonious economic assaults on the  
working class.  Assault and battery. 
In One hour and fifty three minutes a meeting is scheduled -  downtown 
Detroit, at the Union headquarters - Solidarity House, to debrief the  union 
hierarchy on the results of the Chrysler-Fiat deal; demands on union  members 
and the general state of the auto industry. The word already leaking out  
speaks of demands on retired workers, probably in the health care arena. 
Retired  workers has already sustained "take-backs" and added charges to their 
monthly  checks. 
Politically, Detroit is heating up as Mayor election approaches in May. 
Then there is the City Council election to come.  I believe my brother  is 
going to run for City Council on a working class platform. Housing crisis,  
education, water issues and extreme hostility to the speculative aspects of 
the  capital regime. 
Detroit is ground zero - at the front of the curve, of a new era of class  
conflict and emerging class antagonism. 40,000 have their water turned off 
and  stand in absolute antagonism with the speculative regime writing the 
agenda for  the world total social capital. 
Detroit is the curved bottom of the Rust bowl. 
List members in and around Detroit stay tuned. 
The ground war is on. 
Told the wife this morning I will probably be headed back to Detroit. 
"Let us march on . . .til victory is won/one!" 
Unite or Perish. 
"Right here is where the end gonna start at.
Contact, conflict, callback.
Fighter stand where the land is marked at.
Settle the dispute about who the livest.
Three word answer
"Whoever survive this." 
Only one of us can arrive forever
So you and I can't ride together.
All we can do is collide forever. 
So I skillfully apply the weapons
Won;t stop til I forever
Mos Def "I against I." 
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>  What killed the auto  industry?
> Gregg Shotwell, a retired GM/Delphi worker and founder  of the Soldiers of
> Solidarity network, answers the myth that it was the  UAW--and its demands
> for fair compensation for autoworkers--that led to  the industry's 
> April 20, 2009
>   clip --
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