[Marxism] Pig Flu -- Priorities

Paul Flewers rfls12802 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Apr 27 15:40:28 MDT 2009

Looking at a report about how Europe is dealing with the pig flu outbreak 
>, I noticed:

Spain: Flights to Mexico are being equipped with supplies of face masks and
gloves. Travellers with symptoms have been isolated and placed under

France: Public health officials on alert and crisis unit set up at health

Austria: Has already stockpiled flu drugs sufficient for half the
population, and 8m protective masks.

Czech Republic: Has 2m doses of Tamiflu, enough for a fifth of the

Denmark: Authorities have been stockpiling anti-flu drugs since bird flu

Then came Italy, which read: Makers of Parma ham have issued a statement to
say their product is safe to eat.

Nice to know that at least one European bourgeoisie has got its priorities

Paul F

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