[Marxism] Pig Flu -- Priorities

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 17:34:48 MDT 2009

Paul reports: "Austria: Has already stockpiled flu drugs sufficient for half
population, and 8m protective masks."

That's nice. But in my daytime job, doctors --real experts in viruses and
public health-- have been telling my viewers all day that a) antivirals
appear to be ineffective against at least some strains of this new
infectious agent, and in particular, many of the dead Mexicans were being
treated with tamiflu, including with absolutely massive doses, and b) masks
are better than nothing but 100 times better than masks is to avoid contact.
Close proximity and physical contact it the evil to be avoided.  

It is, of course, quite typical of politicians to stress that they have
tamiflu enough for everyone who might need it, and "forget" to add that the
accumulating evidence suggests it isn't effective in some/many cases. 

What needs to happen in my view is a screeching halt to infection-spreading
travel, whether for trade or tourism. And strict quarantines for those who
may have been exposed up until now. This needs to be carefully --but
rapidly-- thought through, for example, no person quarantined should be
subjected to any less-favorable treatment for favoring the public good than
if they had ignored the orders to those who might have been exposed to stay
home; and under current socio-economic circumstances businesses should also
be held harmless at least in the first instance (thought I am for fat cats
and plutocrats and their firms getting "la cuenta" --the bill-- for all this
in the end. But for the moment, the *state* should assume all economic
consequences, because otherwise *voluntary* compliance with the necessary
measures will be reduced. How to handle the accounting for the losses should
not be allowed to stand in the way of compliance.)


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