[Marxism] Extreme LED shepherding

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 18:11:17 MDT 2009

Mike wrote: "What's the point?  That Twitter's cool, new and you'd better
get on the 21st century bandwagon if you have any hope of being politically
and socially relevant?"

Actually, I attribute twitter's extreme success to it being entirely UNCOOL,
a social network for Americans, of all people. Thus twitter has three
outstanding characteristics: 

a) It is narcissistic. It is about me, me, me.

b) It is hierarchical. I send. You read.

c) It is limited to thoughts that can be expressed in 140 characters (and
usually much, much less, if the senders had the wit to write clearly). 

How then, to explain my post?

Quite simply. I was at an ACE hardware store looking for 2.5mm and 3mm hex
(Allen) wrenches, because on Saturday I'd picked up an ESP Mirage electric
guitar with genuine seymour duncan pickups and a floating tremolo bridge at
a garage sale and needed the allen wrenches to tune it when I came across
LED "accent" light bulbs at the store, boasting a 40-watt-equivalent output
for 1.5 watts of current consumption, and in a candelabra base. Which is
what my bedside lamp requires, except that in recent months I've been
switching my whole house to "daylight" (5K-6.5K color temp) illumination
from typical "tungsten" socalled "warm" (yellow-orange-reddish-hued) lights.
But I hadn't been able to find the right kind of compact fluorescents for my
candelabra base bedside lamp, and since I ALSO have a 20-LED (well, 19
actually --one has burned out-- ) bedside lamp that's really more of a night
light and whose color temp must be around 10K (very, very blue-white: the
color temperature of light just before sunup) the clash between a tungsten
vulgarity and it would be too much. 

So I bought it, the LED bulb, came home, and thought the LED lamp so cool I
googled it, which led me straight to the extreme shepherding.

That's the God's honest truth. 


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