[Marxism] World Health Organization: "What, me worry?"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Apr 27 20:38:47 MDT 2009

In response to Jim's comment that the imperialists are betting that the
current wave of swine flu will not prove to be a huge problem for them,
Joaquin stated: 

It is an extremely foolish/dangerous bet. Viruses don't know how to read net
worth statements, nor are they fine-tuned socialized to
racial/national/gender/class differentiations.

Fred comments:
The "virus" -- well, not really the virus but the social relations given the
character of the virus -- may be better able to draw these lines that
Joaquin imagines. 

Let me report some things I have heard so far on CNN, of whose particular
forms of unreliability Joaquin has made a close and rich study).

About 20 New York children at one NYCity school contracted the flu. Every
single one of them is in recovery after routine treatment. None has been
hospitalized. I.E., the strain that has appeared here is not resistant to

The CNN "experts" argued that the deaths in Mexico (already over 100 -- the
current deaths in the US were zero as of noon today) were due to the
"failure" of the families to seek medical help soon enough. That is, given
the realities of "seeking" medical care for what begins as a modest
condition in semicolonial countries were prohibitive, and then things got
worse instead of better).

So, if CNN is not just joshing us along which is entirely possible, this is
a readily controllable and curable strain of flu -- nothing comparable to
the World War I strain which killed so many millions. Or to the AIDS
epidemic, which must have taken at least 1 million lives in the US by now
and probably more. Is anyone keeping track?

So the distinction in the deaths is a class, caste, stratification, racial,
gender distinction, including among nations.

If there is a Swine Flu pandemic in the semicolonial countries, it will be
purely a product of social relations and not at all of biology and the
inadequacy of current medical knowledge.

As one of many non-religious Jews of the world, I want to express the fact
that I love and even admire pigs, and enjoy eating pork. If I had the money
and property required, a big fat boar and sow would be my preferred pets.
The closeness between pigs and humans was perhaps the most important lesson
I learned from Orwell's Animal Farm. The rest was well-expressed mostly, but
already available to me from various sources.

I am a Jew legally because both my grandmothers were Jewish. Thus, I possess
the right to "return" to my "homeland" Israel where I have never set foot,
whereas return to the real "homeland" where they were driven from their
homes and communities is barred to the Palestinians who lived there. 1948
may be old hat and yesterday's paper to some people but not to millions of
people of Palestinian origin -- and not to me either.
Fred Feldman

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