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Arlen  Specter is switching his party affiliation to Democrat giving the 
demos 60  votes in the Senate.
Yea, the Republicans become Democrats become Republicans become Democrats. 
Seems to me political conditions are maturing for a serious left/communist  
body politic in America rather than just the standard left/center coalition 
 advocated by right wing communism or the equally nonsensical ideology of  
"pushing Obama and the Obama administration to the left." Politics do not  
work like that. 
In my opinion the general line of American communism, as advocacy and  
establishing a communist political polarity amongst the American people -  
working class, is the following: 
"the only way to circulate socially necessary means of survival - life, to  
people who have little to no money is to give them these things." 
That's it. Such is how I understand the line of march and the path the  
working class is on in all its diverse dimensions. Theoretical unity is not a  
condition for practical issues and "marching orders." 
A year ago communists and socialist of all stripes in America could not get 
 an audience. Today, it seems the audience cannot get public, articulate  
communists, schooled in the details of Americana. 
Communism . . . . there, I said it again. 
Unite or Perish
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