[Marxism] TJ Stiles bio of Vanderbilt

Tom Cod tcod at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 29 10:33:10 MDT 2009

Good, I'm glad someone has come out with a book about Vanderbilt recently him besides Edward Renehan, whose  book on Jay Gould I recently read, which while it had a lot of entertainment value, was way too much of an apologia for that bloodsucker.  I saw Renenhan on Book TV at the Gould mansion recently talking about how Gould had some virtues, unlike that evil dude The Commodore.  The whole thing was kind of comical, reminded me of some kind of scene out of "Deadwood" with E.B. Farnum extolling the civic virtues of Al Swearingen as opposed to that scumbag Cy Tolliver.  (the latter being gangsters and brother owners, the former a lackey).


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