[Marxism] Anti-Defamation League Pressured UCSB to move against William I. Robinson

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 14:43:43 MDT 2009

Jon Cloke writes: "Having said which, any attempt to compare what israel
does with what the nazis did is stupid, stupid, stupid - stupid three times
because 1) the historical, factual background makes such a comparison
pointless and obscene..." and so on.

This kind of statement makes me very uneasy. It reads like a concession to
the idea that the perpetrators of the holocaust were uniquely evil, so that
no other genocidal criminal can be compared to them, and especially NOT the
zionist entity and its storm troopers because they are protected by the
additional armor of Jewish victimhood.

Of course, such assertions of unique Nazi evilness or Jewish victimhood will
not survive even a relatively minor brush with the history of European
colonial-settler efforts in the Western Hemisphere, although it seems to me
the English and their descendants did outdo the others in savagery (I guess
they had a head start in learning the craft from all that practice in

Nor can it be explained by the relatively recent date of the genocide
against the Jews compared to that of, say, the entire indigenous populations
of islands like Cuba and Puerto Rico, for when I was growing up in the 60's,
I never read of studied or heard more than a passing reference to terribly
Nazi or German crimes against humanity, and I'm quite sure this is true
because I remember being stunned when I learned the details in College, that
millions had been murdered. And that the Nazi holocaust against the Jews was
in the immediate, living memory of adults. 

Yet in Cuba, even as a very young child, I had learned about the indigenous
people of Cuba and the famous story of Hatuey, the chief who refused baptism
as he was about to be burned at the stake because he did not want to go to a
heaven full of spaniards. 

My Cuban upbringing and the inclusion of this in it were obviously
political. That, as well as what is sometimes called in Spanish the "cult"
of Martí but in a different sense, one that the word "cult" can have in
Spanish, associated with culture and reverence, were all expressions of
Cuban national identity intimately bound up with the Cuban national movement
which just then (the late 1950's) was re-asserting itself with tremendous
force and spectacular results. 

Similarly, but with an opposite political sign, the transfiguration of "THE"
holocaust as the perfect embodiment of absolute evil, an event above and
beyond history, transcendent, unique, so much so that to compare anything
else with it or any other evildoer with its perpetrators is obscene,
sacrilegious, began towards the end of the 1960's. And with a clear
political agenda: to justify the expulsion of the Palestinians from
Palestine and especially the ongoing expansion of Israel -- an expansion
that is always presented as an exercise in self defense, which the zionist
entity is uniquely entitled to because of the holocaust.

Jon gives, as his third reason, "because you alienate the mass of people
who, whilst not being lefties/activists, may recognize that events such as
the Gaza Massacres are unacceptable war crimes."  There is an implicit
assumption there about who "the mass of people" are. Not to put to fine a
point on it, it seems to me we're talking about the mass of white people or
the mass of imperialist people (people of imperialist countries who identify
with them). We're not talking about the Arab World, nor other Muslim
countries, nor I suspect even China, India, sub-Saharan Africa nor Latin

We're talking about essentially the dominant nationalities of the relative
handful of states that boycotted the UN Geneva conference against racism or
whose representatives staged the transparenty pre-arranged, choreographed,
disrespectful and disruptive walkout during the Iranian president's speech. 

Obviously how the maximum number of people might be reached even among such
tremendously backward populations is a legitimate tactical question. But
certainly, exposing and tearing down the ideology and narrative that's been
built up around "The Holocaust" is a necessary part of that process.


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