[Marxism] How The NAFTA Flu Exploded

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 17:14:57 MDT 2009

A very good article by Brad.

	Just a couple of amplifications on "patient zero."

	It would take EXTREME cutting-edge DNA analysis AND tremendous luck
to be able to say that Edgar, the five-year-old Mexican boy in the
settlement of "La Gloria" is FOR SURE "patient zero" or likely to have been.
Ditto for the cases in Southern California a couple of months ago, or some
other cases. It would be a mistake to focus overly on who represents
"patient zero," or whether there might have been several "patient zeroes"
all infected with the NEW virus at about the same time at/near one farm or
series of them in one locality.

What is important is this: WE ARE DEALING WITH A "NEW" VIRUS.

	"New" in what sense? New to our immune system. Our bodies do not
have the "molds," the ready-made machine tools, that can be plugged into the
assembly line for producing new immune system cells that are precisely
fine-tuned to wipe out this bug. While our body is busy creating these
machine tools, beta testing them, deploying them throughout our bodies for
mass production of immune system foot soldiers, and so on, the virus is
reproducing unopposed, running rampant. 

	Now, this means that MOST people --almost all, 95 or 98 or even 99+
out of 100-- have an unpleasant few days and recover. 

	Some very small percentage, or perhaps fraction of a percent, don't
make it. Their immune systems are too weak. Some OTHERS, ironically, die
because their immune system are TOO STRONG, although it would be more
accurate to say too unruly, don't know when to stop. . It goes hog-wild
killing everything in sight in the affected areas, sending more and more
troops, basically clogging up the longs, leading to death. 

	Now, fractions of a percent mortality is not unusual for flue bugs.
What IS unusual is that it seems MOST people don't ALREADY have immunity to
this bug. That means if you get on the Mexico City metro or New York subway,
the straphanger next to you can give it to you. The problem doesn't seem to
be that THIS bug is WAY MORE DEADLY than others, simply that WAY MORE PEOPLE
are likely to come down with it.


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