[Marxism] Bad news for the privileged on the Swine Flu front

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 29 17:20:53 MDT 2009

At 18:39 29/04/09 -0400, Joaquin Bustelo wrote:
>....the "baffling" circumstance that many of
>those with the severest cases in Mexico, including among the deaths, have
>been otherwise healthy, even downright robust people between 20 and 40 or 50
>years of age -- the group that usually does best in influenza outbreaks. 
>	The killer in these cases of "healthy" folks is respiratory distress
>leading to shock. That is caused not by the virus directly, but by the
>immune system......
>. SOME people react too well, or overreact
>--and IF you are one of those, the healthier you are, the stronger your
>immune system, the worst it is. 

That explanation was also presented on the BBC today. Instead of being most
severe in the very young and very old, a so-called "U" curve, you sometimes
see a "W" curve, with healthy adults also being killed in larger numbers
than people in mediocre health.

But I think your post is mistitled. This is not "Bad news for the
privileged," because medical intervention can prevent the immune system
from overreacting in this way. Patients are given immuno-suppressants, such
as the drugs which transplant patients take daily.

And you also point out that people who receive early anti-viral treatment
are easily cured, which is why all of the deaths so far have been of
Mexicans who have poorer access to medical care.

So the hard truth is that this flu strain is a KILLER for many people in
the third world, but just a bad cold for the "privileged." That would
suggest a course for this disease not unlike the worldwide AIDS epidemic,
in which there is a huge discrepancy between those in poor countries and
rich countries. People will be dying for the reason of being poor, not
because the disease is really so terrible. :-(

- Jeff

>	The counter-attack winds up compromising/killing lung cells
>themselves but more importantly so many troops are mustered (which then
>somehow die or disintegrate) that the lungs fill up with fluid. (I did not
>get all the details of the exact mechanism for the immune response to lead
>to fluid filling up the little sacks for air in the lungs). 

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