[Marxism] Finance Capital and the Real Global Pirates

David Walsh davidrail68 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 30 06:12:08 MDT 2009

by Larry Pinkney

from: www.blackcommentator.com

Conventional wisdom has it that the finance capitalists particularly in the United States and Europe today are anxiously about the business of trying to prevent imminent  global financial collapse of their own making. In fact it is the opposite that is true.

Neo-liberal economics is nothing more than the watch word for the piracy against the peoples of this nation and the world. Finance capital and its purveyors, have without a doubt, become the most dangerous and deceptive economic vultures on the global scene today, bent upon continuing to be the undeserving recipients of criminal financial bail outs given them by the very government/s (especially in the United States) that they have in reality taken over (at the expense of everyday Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow peoples) ultimately to the tune of trillions of dollars via ongoing fraud and deception.

It is no coincidence that finance capital has and is horribly serving as the Pandora’s Box which subordinates decent jobs, housing, education, environmental-friendly industrial development, while engaging in outsourcing the labor force while simultaneously reducing worker’s wages in this nation and globally. None of this is coincidental. This is all about the modern day finance capitalists taking the money and running with it. These are the real pirates of today, led by the elite corporate Wall Street barons and economic vultures.

This is precisely why the purveyors of finance capital have supported the so-called “shock doctrine” mis-school of economics. It is about perpetuating neo-liberal economics which is steeped in debt oriented economies (which are essentially unproductive) rather than equity oriented economies (which would be by far fairer to everyday people and enormously more productive both individually and collectively). The “shock doctrine” of the neo-liberal school of economics is by its very nature an anathema to the economic, political, and social well being of the masses of people in the United States and throughout the world. It is geared towards further financially enriching the elite purveyors of finance capital while economically, socially, and politically emaciating the overwhelming majority of Black, White, Brown, and Red peoples.

Think about it. This is why presently in the midst of the beginnings of the worst economic melt down since the Great Depression, the Barack Obama regime ridiculously and whimsically urges the people to spend, spend, and spend some more; spend like there’s no tomorrow! Remember, the vulture purveyors of the finance capital component of neo-liberal economics are all about taking capital that is not theirs, spending capital that they don’t actually have, and infusing fake money into an economy which is already spiraling downwards,-increasingly out of control-due to none other than these very same antics to begin with. Of course these tactics are euphemistically and quite misleadingly referred to as the so-called free market.

Expect continued misleading rhetoric from Barack Obama and his regime. For fundamentally that is essentially all that you will get: rhetoric. The fact is that, notwithstanding this endless obfuscating rhetoric, structurally and systemically, Barack Obama is demonstratively following the same course of his predecessor George W. Bush.

Upon further and closer consideration of these slash and burn economic policies from the neo-liberal school of economics it becomes clear as to how very important continued U.S. military adventurism, bullying, and wars abroad actually are. The fact is that these slash and burn U.S. economic policies can only be propped up globally through the threat of and/or outright military force. Just as such policies serve only the relative few elite of this nation, so it is that globally (i.e. inside other nations) the same holds true. Much of the ‘American’ citizenry remains today, the cannon fodder of the U.S. Empire’s military machine, and unfortunately so does much of the world as its victims.

While the U.S. corporate “news” media banters on about so-called “pirates” on some far off shores elsewhere in the world, it is important to keep in mind that the real and most devastating, deceitful, and amoral ‘pirates’ today are those who are mercilessly fleecing the hopes, dreams, and very lives of everyday people right here in this nation and indeed globally. The blood sucking vultures and barons of Wall Street, to whom the corporate media is a willing hand maiden, are the global pirates of this century, and like the pirates of ages past - their ill gotten treasures must be retaken, expropriated, and returned to the peoples of the world!

We must not underestimate the role of economics in our struggle to bring about real systemic political change. We must understand the central role that it plays in our struggle for the life of this planet and for serving human needs versus human greed.

If we are to break the spiral, and we must, nothing less will do than total systemic change - real change, for in this is our actual hope. Inside the United States, the Republicrats (i.e. the Democrat and Republican parties) must ultimately be relegated to the infamous dust bins of history, though even that is too good for them after all their hypocrisy and the pain, misery and devastation that they have caused, and continue to causes, countless millions.

Onward then in our struggle for real systemic change. Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow peoples together: ONWARD…


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