[Marxism] Benevolent Islam and the Slave Trade

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And I agree mostly with what David says, except... that part of the 
relatively "short run" of the Atlantic slave trade-- 1510- beyond the 1807 
official date, as the trade persisted, in lesser volume, through the middle 
of the 19th century.

Not too short.  And in intensity, nothing compares-- with 11-15 million 
captured, stolen, enslaved, and exported.... and in mortality rates, and not 
just in the middle passage, from being worked to death  in the 16th, 17th, 
18th centuries.

The use of slaves, and the trade of slaves existed in Moslem cultures. 
Nobody denies or justifies that.  But such slaves were not considered to be 
nor treated  as chattel property.

And that bloke is Cloke, not Choke, or as Craig refers to him.... oh, never 
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>I think the point of S. Art. perspective at the level of *culture* is
> essentially correct. And, btw, there ARE good things about the Ottoman
> Empire essentially becoming the locus for science and culture being
> snuffed out by Christian Europe.

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