[Marxism] Benevolent Islam and the Slave Trade

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It sounds like that Ottoman slavery
was more like the slavery that existed
under the Roman Empire, where a slave
could be anyone from a laborer in
a plantation or mine, to one of the
educated slaves who manned the Roman
civil service.  The latter variety of
slaves could become quite wealthy and
powerful in their own right despite
their status as being the property
of the state or of the emperors.

Jim F.

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> However, while slavery is slavery to slaves, a brutish, inhuman form 
> exploitation, *chattel* slavery of the European variety was was 
> industrialized slavery that propelled modern Europe into the 17th 
> Century and beyond. In this sense the *role* it played in history is 
> very, very different.
> David

There are huge differences between precapitalist slavery and capitalist 
(or chattel) slavery. Take the Ottoman Janissary for example. While they 
were slaves, they were also paid in cash on a quarterly basis!

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