[Marxism] Carl Davidson report on the Left Forum

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 10:24:12 MDT 2009

"Carl is a self-proclamed "Cyber-Radical," but saying that we need
"infinite" growth is not radical. It is more like standing at attention
in the capitalist party line."



There simply is no context to this statement. "Infinite growth" to what 
end? By whom? Are we talking about colonization of the solar system here?

Then again, the somewhat flippant (by both of you) opposition to 
"infinite growth" begs the question: what kind of 'growth' then? Or are 
you for "negative growth"?  That the Western left has come out against 
"growth" at all seems to be increasingly endemic.

We could have a good discussion about Davidson's "Green New Deal", to 
get a little more concrete about issues surrounding "Growth".


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