[Marxism] Bad time for cinema

La Sainte lasainte at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 15 10:12:34 MST 2009

We mustn't forget Bunuel's films, especially my favorite, "The Exterminating Angel."


>As for movies with a Marxist, or at least class based lens watch almost
>anything by Visconti, Rosi, Petri, Pontecorvo, Fassbinder, and the list goes
>on. And or course in this county, as mentioned, Sayles and even Altman. Also
>look out for depression era films, especially those made by Warner Brothers.
>A particularly wonderful film is "Counselor At Law" based on the play by
>Elmer Rice. In it John Barrymore plays an up by his bootstraps Jewish lawyer
>from the Lower East Side who has to dodge the the patrician, white shoed
>protestants, who would like nothing more than to see him fail.

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