[Marxism] From $70k per year to $12 per hour

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> The issue is not the individuals who meet this fate, but the social
> implications of a ruined middle-class. If the American economy betrays
> this class, it will eventually bite the hand that once fed it. Speaking
> of which, it is a good test of an analysis I have heard in the past that
> posits a fascist reaction to an economic collapse in advanced
> industrialized countries. So far, the evidence is a shift to the left
> looking at Iceland et al.

Global recession could facilitate rise of fascism, warns Brit minister


London, Feb.10 : Britain's Children's and Schools Secretary Ed Balls
has warned that the global economic crisis could spark off a rise of

Balls warning came in a speech to activists at the weekend, where he
warned that far right parties were trying to hijack the campaign for
"British jobs for British workers".

The row over foreign workers has gathered momentum in recent weeks and
according to The Telegraph, Balls seemed to suggest the recession
could trigger a return to the Far Right politics that prospered in the
Great Depression of the 1930s.

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