[Marxism] From $70k per year to $12 per hour

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Marvin wrote:

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> Right. The fascist base was racially homogenous; that was a large part of
> its appeal to the white petits-bourgeois and segments of the working 
> class.
> The big bourgeoisie supported it for other reasons. It's hard to see 
> fascism
> sinking roots in modern advanced capitalist societies which are so much 
> more
> diverse, cosmopolitan, urban, and educated than they were in the 30's. The
> social base of the DP and social democratic parties would move further 
> left
> under the impact of a deepening crisis. We've already seen the beginnings 
> of
> such movement in the US. The Republican social base, almost exclusively
> white, will move further right. Their relative strength today suggests 
> what
> the balance of forces is and is likely to be as social tensions increase.

Marvin,  Germans considered themselves, their Weimar republic, and their 
culture the most enlightened, cosmopolitan, educated, and urban of Europe. 
They were consoling themselves, just like you are, with the delusion that 
education, liberalism, enlightenment counts for anything when it's a 
question of preserving private property.

If you don't think we should be quite so quick to discount the potential for 
a fascist popular movement in the US, UK, Germany, Russia, the countries of 
Eastern and Central Europe.  Layoffs have just started, ruination of small 
businesses has more than just started, but has hardly run its course.

The issue will be decided by the quality and quantity of working class, 
conscious, social action, not be the enlightenment, diversity, education, 
sophistication of the capitalist society.

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