[Marxism] Betancourt's halo [SIC] under spotlight

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Sun Mar 1 08:58:21 MST 2009

On Sun, 1 Mar 2009 04:08:02 EST, Jscotlive at aol.com wrote:

> This crap presupposes that I think the FARC are making mistakes. On the  
> contrary, I think their resistance to the Colombian oligarchs and their death  
> squads over the past 30 years has been nothing short of heroic.

  Being heroic does not prevent making mistakes both in a tactical and a 
strategical sense. 

> What I do think IS determined is that oppression breeds resistance. 

  Yeah, but defeat breeds demoralisation. There is no automatism (we 
discussed this in relation to this Irish splinter group some time ago) that 
repression results in _increased_ resistance, following the motto "let's 
provoke the ruling class to be as vicious they can get, and this will result in 
the people rising up". That has never worked. 

> You obviously do not. In fact, in every nuance of your posts 
> on both this and Hamas,  is your chauvinistic distaste for 
> the victims of oppression. 

  This was not addressed to me, but while I have a lot of compassion with 
victims of oppression, or maybe just pity, I have sympathy for people who 
fight, and who have charted a way to fight sucessfully. 

On Sun, 1 Mar 2009 03:43:28 EST, Jscotlive at aol.com wrote, replying to an 
earlier remark by me:

>> But the fact is that the FARC takes prisoners in order 
>> to exchange them for money or the release of some 
>> of their people in the government's goals.  

> I don't see how we can disapprove of a revolutionary movement 
> carrying out actions in solidarity with its members and comrades 
> incarcerated by the  enemy.

   Certainly not, but one can very well ponder the usefulness of this and that 
actual "action in solidarity". I don't think that it helps to keep prisoners for 
many years as hostages waiting for an opportunity to exchange them. That 
degrades those human beings into a commodity which is only stored away 
speculating for a higher price being paid for it. 

  As I said in the message which "jscotlive" answered above:

>> I don't think this helps to advance politically and to undermine the  
>> political base of the Bogotà regime. 

  To which "jscotlive" responded: 

> Attempting to explain the lack of advance or success 
> of the FARC as a consequence of tactics is to miss the 
> point that they are acting in a position of weakness not strength. 

  Well, I am also in a position of weakness compared to the bourgeois state, 
but I would not dare to take prisoners and keep them as hostage for years, 
not even days. The so-called "Red Army Faction" (RAF) tried it and failed 

  The FARC, on the other hand, are in a position of strengh, rather, having 
their bases in the jungle, unknown or inacessible to the government armed 
forces. If they make a wise use of this their position of strength is 

> Material conditions of struggle determine actions, not 
> the other way around. 

  Well, rather they determine the choice of actions which a revolutionist can 
successfully undertake. The political results of the revolutionists actions then 
become part of the objective situation which shapes the choices at hand. The 
art of revolutionary politics is to chose _those_ actions which change the 
objective situation as best as possible to the advantage of the working 
masses, i.e. enhancing the workers' self-confidence and sense of "Yes, we 

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