[Marxism] From $70k per year to $12 per hour

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 10:01:36 MST 2009

Fascism or better put, extreme right-wing reaction can occur across any 
racial lines. Given the history of the U.S., obviously anti-Black racism 
can get turned into more overt fascist-like responses the crisis. But 
there is a strong grain of "populism" that is important politically for 
mobilizing far-right wing activists. This is why in spite of the 
opposition/hatred by the KKK in the 1920s and 1930s to Jews and 
Catholics, it never achieved the 'mass base' their anti-Black bigotry 
achieved. Not even close, though it existed residually.

Now, such fascist tendencies, I believe, will tend to focus on Latinos 
and immigrants specifically (never Canadians, of course, our 2nd or 3rd 
largest immigrant base, cuz they are white and "sound like us"). And, it 
will include Blacks and some native born Latinos as well. We've already 
seen how "anti-crime" organizations like the Guardian Angels have no 
problem recruiting Blacks and Latinos to their organizations. Overtly 
"non-" and "anti-" racist "fascism" based on hatred of immigrants 
already exists in some place and I can see it spread. The broader-based 
Conservative movement is grappling now with how to articulate this in a 
focused way, at least electorally...if not worse ways.

BTW...I'm one of those people that went from $70k a year  union job to 
ZERO. For a about 7 months now. Not fun.


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