[Marxism] Betancourt's halo [SIC] under spotlight

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We've had this discussion before.  Nothing's changed.  So today it's FARC or 
Hamas who can't be criticized-- and in fact you have argued that during 
conditions of siege, dissent is treason-- think you were referring to Cuba 
then,  when yesterday it was Arafat and Fatah, etc. etc. etc.--

I think truth is concrete, it is objective, and it can be apprehended by 
all.  So that means -- yep, we get to assess the tactics, program, and 
strategy of a FARC, a Fatah, an ANC, and make judgments.  We even get to 
assess the underlying economic strains in, say Cuba, and assess policies and 
how the policies reflect and manifest those strains.  We can even be 
critical of them.

Me?  I don't care if FARC takes hostages or not, personally, or on any moral 
basis.  The question is not if FARC is worthy of defense, because that on 
this list in particular is a given-- but whether what FARC does actually 
advances the prospects for socialist revolution.  And those two things--  
defense of,  agreement with -- are distinct and not mutually inclusive.

There is one more thing we should consider-- and that is that "those on the 
periphery of the struggle"  aren't those in the advanced countries, or in 
other countries than the location of FARC, but that the FARC itself is on 
the periphery, IS the periphery of the struggle.
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