[Marxism] Eight Theses on the Economic Crisis

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Sun Mar 1 19:47:43 MST 2009

<<<"I repeatedly invoked the David Harvey notion of crisis
displacement (shifting and stalling the crisis through spatio-temporal
techniques like financial speculation), and it was frowned upon. Is your
interpretation widely shared at York, now?

I hear Leo/Sam saying the earlier crisis was *resolved* not displaced.
That's a huge difference.>>>"

I don't know what they would say about that. I will ask. That was more me
than them, or it was my understanding of what they are saying combined with
my own analysis.

I also don't really see a big difference between a resolution of the crisis
and the displacement.  But I don't really think capitalism can overcome its
crises tendencies (contradictions).  I get your point and I think the
important thing is to keep your eye on the class struggle and how any crises
is caused by, impacts, and then are overcome/displaced.  Maybe you have a
different view and take them, resolution and displacement, as largely


When did this tectonic shift, decline in profitability, start?

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