[Marxism] Is Cuba really turning to GM crops?

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Sun Mar 1 21:32:34 MST 2009

On 3/1/09, David Picón Álvarez <david at miradoiro.com> wrote:
> From: "Ruthless Critic of All that Exists" <ok.president+nbsy at gmail.com>
> > In any case,Cuba needs to be applauded for not kow-towing to the
>  > Luddite, reflexively anti-GM greenie-green bandwagon.
> Absolutely. A good part of this opposition seems to be rooted in
>  quasi-religious views about the goodness of nature

??? How does it concern religion to emphasize that most GM seed
development is tied to specific herbicides and fertilizers. Meaning
you "nuke" the field with a herbicide that kills everything except the
plant that is engineered to withstand the poison. I wonder what this
pesticide does to the ancestral wells of the indigenous populations
living nearby, not the mention the entire watershed and aquatic
ecosystem---or the petroleum-based fertilizer industry. Or what about
the corn bred to kill insects, what about the insects we maybe don't
want to kill like bees? Also these GM plants produce pollen which
flies around the world and infects every plant in that species,
creating seeds that bear the imprint of the genetic modification. So
even though Cuba might make a "good" GM plant, that doesn't mean that
some big Agrocapitalist company won't make a GM plant with horrible
genetic properties that then fly around the world and contaminate the
gene pool of all of our food.

in a nutshell: how is it anti-scientific to consider the scientific
ramifications of this technology?

Would it also be quasi-religious to be against human caused global
warming? Or is that reactionary and anti-technological?

So maybe some pollen flies from Florida to Cuba or mexico and farmers
there save their seeds that contain information that is "owned" by
monsanto. Why can't monsanto then sue the country, etc, sue the
farmers for stealing their technology, etc, etc. these things happen
all the time. monsanto has done it for years in canada. GM is about

file GM food with nuclear weapons under "technological advancements
made under capitalism that should be unconditionally banned."

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