[Marxism] Is Cuba really turning to GM crops?

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WL (The subtle alteration of the DNA of the food that humans consume will affect subtle alteration of the DNA of those consuming the food. This happens when the food is broken down into cellular and subcellular components and then in some cases is restructured to the configuration that the body can use.)

Greg: This is a big leap from alteration of the domesticated plants and animals to that of humans simply by their consumption.  It's been a while since I studied microbiology but this somehow doesn't ring true to me.  

WL: (In other cases the cellular and subcellular components are easily bioassimilable. When these components are less than optimal, they may be usable by the body, but important components are missing. This causes the cells to mitosis daughter cells that look identical but have subtle flaws in their gene sequences. Thus, begins the slow decline, the degeneration or devolution of a people into a less conscious, less connected, less aware state.) 

Greg: This is reductionist.  The lack of connectedness and awareness of our inner nature and the nature outside us (at the sensory level) is a long historical, socioeconomic and cultural process, not just a biological process.  There are readily available practices that seek to recover this connection and they do work. The connection is recovered by going inside the body with the mind's awareness.  Problem is most people are so unaware of their own unrelatedness to nature and their own inner nature that they don't take the necessary steps, and more often than not they ridicule those who do. Unawareness is another symptom.  

WL: (Constitutional cellular weakening can and often appears in generation cycles, traditionally requiring up to seven generations to correct. In this state of historic disconnection, metabolic breach, from self and environment – which is microcosm and macrocosm, internal and external – the devolution and warping of consciousness causes increase in fear to be a prime motivator; and when combined with relentless production for exchange value, inexorably results in maddening and insane attempts to control energy in all its forms, rather than to use focused energy and intention to create and flow with observed outcomes, in harmony with the natural order of the earth itself. . These "disconnected ones," in fear of the environment, fearing organisms, “germs, viruses, bacteria, molds,” developed food irradiation as a means of eliminating “pathogens” from foods. The "disconnected ones" in their greed state, unable or unwilling to sense the subtle shift in the energy of the irradiated food, purported to bamboozle the consumers into consuming more and more dead genetically selected, radioactive food.)

I think you're onto something here.  "Focused energy and intention."  You're sounding like a yoga teacher. Anyone who has reconnected to the flow of energy inside themselves becomes acutely aware of the differences resulting from the cosumption of overly processed energetically dead food and organic food which still has some energetic vitality. 

Also, who wants to consume deadened food which was  harvested by slave labor? Better to cosume locally grown organic food produced by family farms.                    

And any old taoist, acupuncturist or old school massage therapist will tell you that control of energy is possible only by letting the energy flow. You have to ride the wave and channel it. If you try to forcibly control the energy you get into trouble.  When the flow is blocked eventually disease is the result.  

Of course the dinosaur mechanistic materialists still stuck in the 19th century will have fun with this but who cares? 

Greg McDonald
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