[Marxism] Obama to remove ALL troops from Iraq

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 05:34:45 MST 2009

That's the dynamic of electoral politics in the US.  It's
substantively how the system works.  Your mother is one of millions.

I was just listening to an NPR report of an interview with Secretary
Robert Gates on which he was discussing the need for a military
presence in Afghanistan in terms of the Taliban supporters in
Pakistan.  One wonders how many people hearing that are actually
asking themselves "how did the Taliban supporters in Pakistan"
actually get there?  And, related, is a greater US military presence
in Afghanistan going to make this "problem" in Pakistan more
manageable or less?  These are obvious questions that boil down to
plain old common sense.

It's hard to imagine that the questions don't occur to more people
across society, but they don't seem to do so.


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