[Marxism] Is Cuba really turning to GM crops?

Shok Teenik teenik at kolumbus.fi
Mon Mar 2 07:49:01 MST 2009

sabocat59 at mac.com kirjoitti:
> Fact is there is nothing mystical about energy. Can you say PHYSICS? 
Fact is your definition of "energy" seems to be incompatible with 
physics as you claim organic food alone has some type of "energetic 
vitality" missing in other types of food, which you label "energetically 
dead". This is mystical thinking or, at best, a misuse of the word energy.

I'm not claiming processed food is better than organic, in fact I'm all 
for organic farming, but justifying this with "energies" that cannot be 
quantified instead of actual nutritional, economical and moral 
considerations is highly counterproductive.
> It would not seem incongruent to those of us aware of the energy flowing through our bodies to seek explanation in current understanding of sub atomic reality
The energy we get from food is extracted on the molecular level, orders 
of magnitude larger than sub-atomic particles. What mechanism are you 
suggesting to link these two? Which sub-atomic particles are you talking 
about? And how can one possibly "refine their sensory apparatus" to 
detect them? (I bet many physicists would be very grateful for this 
skill; they could just stop building those multi-million dollar particle 

- Shok Teenik

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