[Marxism] Is Cuba really turning to GM crops?

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So.... as a Marxist one is forced to abjure, say, Lovelock 
and his  theories on Gaia, which are after all "mystic 
forces that act on whole  organisms"?
At each stage in the advance of science, the mystical (no quotes) passes a  
threshold and enters the realm of the knowable. Capital in/as agriculture, the  
relentless logic of  value production; the drive and thirst for the  ultimate 
juice: surplus value and the resulting science of "extending the market  
life/value" of agricultural produce, is the shape of applied science. 
Capital has juice. Squeeze the fruit/labor. 
"Something is wrong" with my apples and tomatoes. 
Something is wrong with my baby. 
Capital in agriculture is indifferent to all cycles of nature and time  
frames except the cycle and time of it circulation and reproduction. Capital  don't 
need no sun. Capital is dark and my baby is blue. 
"Ain't I blue?"
Ain't I blue?"
Ain't these tears in my eyes telling you?" 
There is something wrong with my baby, something wrong with my lemons. 
The thick skin and lack of juice is replaced by capital juice, in machinery  
- dead labor, as touch and artificial sensory organs, whose touch and handling 
 of vegetation requires altering the texture of my lemons.  . . .  in  the 
process of removal, packaging, shipment to distant markets, unpacking and  then 
placement on display. 
Capital artificial sensory organs as dead labor artificializes human  sensory 
Polanyi called it the destruction of localized markets by the state.  Capital 
is not of the earth and its local markets do not harmonious flow  together as 
a law of nature. The state has to enforce a nature like law on  capital and 
markets. The world market for the proletariat will come to mean an  interactive 
web of local markets whose sum total = world system of producers  uninhibited 
by capital, in body, mind and spirit.  
The exploitation is unbearable. 
The debasement of nature at the hands of capital impacts the nature of our  
species and the species rate of exploitation. 
A greater magnitude of money is now required to make the same amount of  
What four lemons would yield now requires two bags of lemons. 
Capital juice for lemon juice. 
No more lemonade stands because kids cannot afford the capital overhead and  
the consumer is priced out of the small market. The state enters and  demands 
everyone purchase world lemonade or drink the Kool Aid. 
Lemon juice was once put in warm water and used as a cleaning agent for  say 
glass and within the human organism loosens sticky food substance  allowing 
undesirable toxins to be passed from the organism. That is why  long ago we 
called it "lemon help me" - aid. 
Feet don't fail me now. 
Capital lobotomized the human brain without surgical instruments and the  
result is loss of short and long term memory of proprieties in direct proportion  
to increase of capital.  
Green is oxygen and red is alkalinity because colors in nature reveal their  
properties as color in nature.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 
The change in color "screams I am in decay, do not eat/consume me." 
Capital create natural flavor as a favor and natural colors to hide and  
disguise nature's color and then . . .turn everything money green. Who but an  
insane man conceives of green money and "greenbacks," other than one who accepts  
capital reproduction as on the back of the laws of nature? Green money = 
oxygen  of capital. Greenbacks creates wetbacks. 
Baby got back. 
Capital is a social relations of production that inverts production  
relations in slavery to capital as "the social" driving the relations.  Capital Money 
is the oxygen of capital as it reproduces  itself. Capital slowly strangles 
itself, without dying a natural  death, as it metabolizes labor . . . as this 
labor has its oxygen depleted,  in turn depleting the green of capital. The 
vicious cycle once again. The  full obese starving body that is society. Society 
decays from over eating = over  accumulation of green, while the oxygen supply 
is contaminated and depleted.  This is a crime. 
A Capital crime. 
For the love of money. 
The capital psychosis: I need some of that "mean green."  
No, Mr. Capital . . . you need oxygen to feed your starving brain and  
capital feed body. 
Medicine means nature properties with healing qualities. Science as medical  
science, is science because it creates properties that mimic healing  
properties in nature. Each evolution of this mimicking of nature, distance the  mimic 
from nature which now appears to each new generation as a symbolic extra  
nature relationship.  Penicillin is the mimic of a natural concoction as  nature - 
mud and mold. Penicillin and her mimic other "cillin's" constitute  
themselves on the chain of development as merchant capital, industrial  capital  . . . 
fiction capital, finance capital and then the emergence of  capital as a 
notion - imaginary, value devoid of value. 
The fiction capital when reflected through 100 mirror images, 
and then the buying and selling of "mirrors"becomes law
 - derivative, financial instruments, CDOOOOOOOOOOOOO's and  . .  . shit,
the 100th mirror image sold to the sucker
is a notional value  = super symbolic relations.  
The King has no clothes of value. 

Look with the minds eye very carefully at the 68th mirror sold. See how  the 
light bends in the mirror and the distortion appears distorted?  

The enemy within GM is the property relations, but one cannot see the  
property relations inside a pill. One cannot look at the apple and see its  property 
relations at work. Once you bite the apple, its Adam all over again.  Can't 
blame Eve for that. 
The fetish blinds the naked eye/I. 
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