[Marxism] Eight Theses on the Economic Crisis

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 2 14:23:41 MST 2009


Regarding the "peak" in profits-- and I want to say here that I do not 
consider the FROP to be simply, exclusively a long term structural tendency, 
but in fact, short-term, with immediate disruptive impact, to be in fact 
exactly the most thorough and profound manifestation of overproduction--  
anyway looking back at some notes:  S&P 500 per share earnings peaked in 
2006 at $88/per share-- of course this include the financial sector share 
earnings-- which I think [don't recall exactly] topped out in the same year 
at about 31% of the S&P total.

Think manufacturing earnings topped out also in 2006-- or maybe first half 
2007-- trying to locate the data in my notes. 

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