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Marxism list 3/02/09 index. Decoded. 2nd level. 
At each stage in the advance of science, the mystical passes a threshold  and 
enters the realm of the knowable. Nature becomes symbolized as a spontaneous  
impulse of the mind seeking expression as words. Symbolic expressions are  
fundamental to man as woman as the fundamental conduit for all human impulses  
and interactions seeking articulation and the sharing of experience. In 
Biblical  parlance first comes the word seeking to articulate the experience of 
Generations build upon existing symbols used to articulate and define  
reality. Society as the unity of productive forces and social relations can  be 
tracked and earmarked on the basis of the every spiraling development and  
evolution of symbolic relations originating in nature. The bookmark is always a  
certain stage or configuration of the means of production. 
Capital in/as agricultural production discards use-value as the reason for  
production, and replaces the nature/human/use relations with the relentless  
logic of exchange value production; the drive and thirst for the ultimate  fruit 
 . . . juice: surplus value and the resulting science of "extending  the 
market life/value" of agricultural produce; applied bourgeois science or  science 
in the hands of the metaphysical bourgeoisie.  Specifically, this  science 
approach of the bourgeoisie is classified as "the metaphysics of  properties" in 
the history of evolution of conscious dialectics. 
Juice is a material and symbolic thing. Extraction and concentration  becomes 
concentration and extraction of the world of social processes. 
Capital has juice. Squeeze the fruit/labor. 
"Something is wrong" with my apples and tomatoes.

Something is  wrong with my baby, something is wrong with me. 
Capital in agriculture is indifferent to all cycles of nature and time  
frames except the cycle and time of it circulation and reproduction. All time  
frames, including the previously existing industrial conception of time, as  
mechanical motion, become so many barriers to capital reproduction. Agrarian  time 
frames as the meaning of pastoral life, strivings and longings become  
replaced by machine time measured in increments of seconds. Then capital reaches  its 
zenith as 24/7. 
Who invented the second as a time frame or rather the first second? 
Where did it come from or on what material basis does it arise? 
Time arises as the self aware man - person, who records passing sequences  on 
the basis of the beating heart. The biology inherent and inbred spontaneous  
nature of our species is its own index and measure of reality. The "second" is 
 only a name, but the name - word, is a concept and the concept is a measure 
of  the space between each beat of the heart 
 . . . . . and baby my heart beats only for you. 
Capital don't need no sun although it contains its own self index of time -  
sequential passing's, measured by its realization as surplus value. The  
American Indians historically weep over the destruction of time by capital,  
because it means the destruction of the earth, as it had existed forever.  Sunshine 
becomes indexed as and meaningless to capital as an index of  circulation, as 
it seeks to further commodify daylight savings time as a daytime  profit 
Spring forward, - one hour and shop, fall backwards. 
Capital is dark and my baby is blue. 
Death is blue because we turn blue at death. Blue skies are the foreboding  
that ushers in death of the body and the failure - death, of love. 
"Ain't I blue?"
Ain't I blue?"
Ain't these tears in my eyes telling  you?" 
There is something wrong with my baby, something wrong with my lemons. 
The thick skin and lack of juice of my lemons produced as exchange value,  
occurs because the object purpose of lemons becomes the reproduction of capital  
juice, in machinery - dead labor, and advanced robotics with touch and  
artificial sensory organs; the machine’s sensory organs call forth a produce not  
spoiled and degraded by the machines sensory organs.  touch and handling  
of vegetation requires altering the texture of my lemons. . . . To survive  
process of removal, packaging, shipment to distant markets, unpacking  and 
placement on display. 
Capital as circulation and a circuit. 
Capital artificial sensory organs as dead labor artificializes human  sensory 
organs, because labor is fused to capital as the nexus, giving life  to 
production. . 
Polanyi called it the destruction and recreation of localized markets by  the 
state. Capital is not of the earth, nor extraterrestrial.  its local  markets 
do not harmonious flow together as a law of osmosis - nature. Here there  is 
no spontaneous and harmonious penetration of the cells membrane and  
metaphomopisis. The most violent and forceful rape is involved. The state  intervenes 
to enforce a nature like law on capital markets. This is so because  the earth 
and humanity has to be torn from 40 centuries of pastoral time frames  and 
indexes giving meaning to life, and reconstituted upon what is in polite  company 
called the industrial revolution; industrial time = indust-reality. The  
natural economy is torn from nature as the precondition for the rise and  
consolidation of capital. 
The natural economy is superseded by and replaced with the money  economy.  
The world market for the proletariat will come to mean an interactive web  of 
local markets whose sum total = world system of associated producers  
uninhibited by capital, in body, mind and spirit. Tine itself shifts in the  gigantic 
hands of the proletariat. Reality is cast anew. The world turns green  not 
Your exploitation is unbearable. 
The debasement of nature at the hands of capital impacts and distorts the  
nature of our species and increases the species rate of exploitation. 
A greater magnitude of money/capital is now required to make the same  amount 
of lemonade. 
What four lemons would yield now requires two bags of lemons and 50% of the  
labor to harvest the lemons.  
Capital juice for lemon juice. 
No more lemonade stands because kids cannot afford the capital overhead and  
the consumer is priced out of the small market. The state enters and demands  
everyone purchase world lemonade or drink the Kool Aid. 
The science - radical and then revolutionary material, has not been lost  but 
preserved to be passed to the next generation. The key is the material  
conception of all and the most high. The most High is high because it is  creation 
itself . . .herself, and “I love her.” 
Lemon juice was once put in warm water and used as a cleaning agent for say  
glass and within the nature that is species - human organism, to loosen  
sticky food substance allowing undesirable toxins to be passed from the  organism. 
That is why long ago we called it "lemon help me" - aid . . .  Lemonade. The 
symbol is materialisms made into the words shaped by sound. 
Feet don't fail me now. 
Capital administers shock therapy on the economy and man while lobotomizing  
the human brain without surgical instruments. The result is loss of short and  
long term memory of proprieties and their symbolic expressions in direct  
proportion to increase of capital. Not because science is bad, but because the  
barriers to capital, defining its historical limitation, that first appear as a 
 metabolic breach in production and circulation, are also made manifest as 
the  barriers between man and nature. The social act of production for exchange 
value  separates the actors from nature and positions them as antagonists to 
the  spontaneous metabolic cycle and circuits of earth life. One can prove this 
to  themselves by working the third shift for say ten years. 
Color in nature is the proof of dialectics. Green defines itself because it  
is the definitive definition my which all things that are green is to be 
forever  defined. 
Green is oxygen. In its symbolic expression green means “yes” or “go” or  
affirmative.  and red is alkalinity because colors in nature reveal their  
properties as color in nature. 
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Before our bourgeoisie wiped out  
history and historical memory and recast it again, the third time, everyone was  
taught the miracle and society role of Johnny Apple seed; the boy who planted  
apple trees throughout this landmass, so the society could heal itself from  
nature. The market did not like Johnny Appleseed; put him on trail and executed  
Green means “go” and red means “stop and have a relationship with me,” or  
stop digest me so that other pathways can flow properly.  
“Stop in the name of Love.
. . .before you break my heart
Think  it over. 
Haven’t I been good to you.” 
The change in a natural color screams “I am in decay, do not eat/consume  
He was steaming with “red,” is a point of measure of the pH balance or  
I swear.  
Capital create “natural flavor” as a favor neighbor. and natural colors to  
hide and 
disguise nature's color and then . . .turn everything money green .  . . 
“The Color of Money” . . . Tom Cruise, was the debasement of “fast Eddie”. 
Gleason was brilliant: “Fast Eddie I can’t beat You.” 
Mans inhumanity and insanity to man is of course the insanity in man. Man  
has lost his mind. 
(Level three: where does the mind go when it is lost?) 
Who but an insane man conceives of green money and "greenbacks," other than  
one who accepts capital reproduction as a law of nature, on the back of nature 
 and the nature in man?  
Green money = 
oxygen as capital.  
Greenbacks creates wetbacks. 
Baby got back. Over accumulation localized in the butt. 
(don't tell the "sisters" I said that or I'm in big trouble.) 
Symbolic language cannot hide itself. One has to grab possession of the  Key, 
buried in King Solomon Temple. Materialism opens the first door in the  
castle of a thousand rooms. 
Marx saw through the symbolic language. Hegel became Faygo, of which Marx  
Capital as a social relations of production, inverts production  
relations: slavery to capital as "the social" driving the relations. 
Capital Money is the oxygen of capital as it reproduces itself. Capital  
slowly strangles itself, without dying a natural death, because Capital is not  
like a natural man. Strangulation as it metabolizes labor . . . as this  
labor has its oxygen depleted, in turn depleting the green of capital. The  
falling rate of oxygen. 
The vicious cycle once again. 
The overfull obese starving body dieting from lack of nutrients. Why do we  
die-it, when we can Michael Jackson 1983 . . . . And just Beat It? 
Society decays  . . . Die it  . . . from over eating = over  accumulation of g
reenback capital, while the oxygen supply is contaminated and  depleted. This 
is a crime. It is not a misdemeanor. 
A Capital crime. The price will be paid. The jury is being assembled. 
For the love of money. 
The capital psychosis: I need some of that "mean green." 
I need some air . . . .
Medicine means nature properties with healing qualities. 
Science as medical science, is science because it creates properties that  
mimic healing properties in nature. Each evolution of this mimicking of nature,  
distance the mimic from nature, which now appears to each new generation as a 
 symbolic extra nature relationship. Someone must tell everyone why humanity, 
our  humanity put the aid in lemonade, or the next degeneration will not  . . 
.  NO! 
Penicillin is the mimic of a natural concoction as nature - mud and mold.  
Penicillin and her mimic other "cillin's"  . . . be chillin, and constitute  
themselves on the chain of development, not unlike the external form of the law  
that drives merchant capital, industrial capital . . . fiction capital, 
finance  capital and then the emergence of capital as a notion - imaginary, value 
devoid  of value. Everything set into a cycle of reproduction - motion as a self 
 sustaining cycle, contains laws whose external expression cannot Not mimic 
laws  of nature. 
The fiction capital is an expression - mirror, of real capital. The mirror  
can be sold as a promissory note. The promise is based in value that can be  
when capital is reflected through 100 mirror images, 
and the  buying and selling of "mirrors" becomes the supreme law of high  

- derivative, financial instruments, CDOOOOOOOOOOOOO's and  . . . shit,
the 100th mirror image sold to the sucker
is a notional value = super  symbolic relations.

The King has no clothes of value. 
Look with the minds eye very carefully at the 68th mirror sold. See how the  
light bends in the mirror and the distortion appears distorted? 
The enemy within GM is the property relations, and ignorance of the laws of  
nature, but one cannot see the property relations inside a pill. One cannot 
look  at the apple and see its property relations at work. 
Once you bite the apple, its Adam all over again. 
Can't blame Eve for that. 
The fetish blinds the naked eye/I. 
“Man’s reflections on the forms of social life, and consequently, also, his  
scientific analysis of those forms, take a course directly opposite to that 
of  their actual historical development. He begins, post festum, with the 
results of  the process of development ready to hand before him. The characters 
that stamp  products as commodities, and whose establishment is a necessary 
preliminary to  the circulation of commodities, have already acquired the stability 
of natural,  self-understood forms of social life, before man seeks to 
decipher, not their  historical character, for in his eyes they are immutable, but 
their meaning.” 
Some one else, from a preceding generation, had to tell me. 
Ask somebody. 


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