[Marxism] Afghanistan

Jscotlive at aol.com Jscotlive at aol.com
Tue Mar 3 08:19:12 MST 2009

Unless the report contains lies, it seems that the lot of women  in
Afghanistan is improving (somewhat) compared to their situation a  few
years ago.

Yes, it seems they now have shelters they can go to in order to escape  being 
murdered. At this rate they'll soon they'll be in miniskirts driving  

Do you have any evidence that the lot of Afghan women, by  and large,
is deteriorating?
I have plenty of evidence that Afghanistan has been bombed and invaded in  
order to get a pipeline through the country from the Caspian Sea, part of a US  
objective to attain global hegemony in service to a mode of production  
predicated on profit regardless of the human, social, or environmental  cost.
Women's rights in the half of the country controlled by  warlords are of 
course of minor importance.  

Marxists need to begin with empirical reality as a  starting point.

Marxists need to begin with a concrete analysis of concrete situations and  
how that concrete situation fits in with the objective of achieving the  
socialist transformation of any given society. Bush advanced the bombing and  
invasion of Afghanistan largely on the basis of liberating women. It would  appear 
that you hold the same view.

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