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Found it in English:

							Reflections of Fidel

							changes within the Council of Ministers
							(Taken from 
							IN response to changes made within the executive, 
							certain news agencies are throwing up their hands in 

							of them are saying or echoing "popular" rumors about 
							the substitution of "Fidel’s men" for "Raúl’s men."

							The majority of those who have been replaced were 
							never proposed by me. Almost without exception, they 
							were proposed for their posts by other comrades 
							within the leadership of the Party or the state. I 
							never devoted myself to that task. 

							I have never underestimated human intelligence or 
							the vanity of men. 

							I was consulted about the new ministers who have 
							just been appointed even though there was no rule 
							obliging those who proposed them to consult me, 
							given that I renounced the prerogatives of power 
							some time ago. They acted simply as genuine 
							revolutionaries who carry within them loyalty to 

							There has been no injustice committed against 
							certain cadres. 

							Neither of the two individuals mentioned by news 
							reports as the most affected have uttered a word to 
							express any disagreement with the decision. It had 
							nothing to do with an absence of personal value. It 
							was another reason. The sweetness of power for which 
							they had made no sacrifice awoke in them ambitions 
							that led them to an unworthy role. The external 
							enemy was filled with illusions about them. 

							I don’t accept the gossip being mixed in with the 
							Baseball Classic that is about to commence. I stated 
							very clearly that our baseball players were 
							first-rate young men, men who believe in "Patria o 
							Muerte" (Homeland or Death).

							As I have stated on other occasions, we will 
							return with the shield or on the shield. 

							We will win because we know how to and we can 
							combine something that only free men can, those who 
							have no owners, not professional players. 

							Leonel Fernández was telling me yesterday 
							afternoon that some of the excellent professional 
							Dominican ballplayers didn’t want to take part in 
							this competition; they would be absent, which would 
							be sad for their people, who watched them grow. 

							Chávez still doesn’t know why his magnificent 
							pitchers and hitters will be defeated by our 

							The Cuban national team that will measure its 
							strength this year against the best professional 
							players from the Major Leagues in the United States 
							and Japan is much stronger and better prepared than 
							the one of three years ago. 

							Many of them are already veterans despite their 
							youthful age. None of the players who made the team 
							stayed behind, except for health reasons. 

							I assume full responsibility for success or the 
							opposite. The victories will be for all of us; 
							defeat will never be bereft. 

							Patria o Muerte! Venceremos!


							Fidel Castro Ruz

							March 3, 2009

							11:32 a.m.

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