[Marxism] Why the Red Army Faction Matters

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It is of immense importance that the soldier, high or low, whatever rank 
he has, should not have to encounter in War those things which, when 
seen for the first time, set him in astonishment and perplexity; if he 
has only met with them one single time before, even by that he is half 
acquainted with them. This relates even to bodily fatigues. They should 
be practiced less to accustom the body to them than the mind. In War the 
young soldier is very apt to regard unusual fatigues as the consequence 
of faults, mistakes, and embarrassment in the conduct of the whole, and 
to become distressed and despondent as a consequence. This would not 
happen if he had been prepared for this beforehand by exercises in peace.
    - Carl von Clausewitz, On War

A couple of years ago i visited San Francisco to table at the Bay Area 
Anarchist Bookfair, which was a somewhat disappointing experience - 
however, the bonus of any such trip is the chance to meet with comrades 
and colleagues who you otherwise only know via email.

So it was in this way that after the bookfair i found myself out with 
some folks from AK Press drinking beer. Talk turned to work and future 
publishing plans, and on the walk back to the subway someone asked me 
why today's radicals would be interested in reading about the Red Army 
Faction - West Germany's iconic Cold War urban guerillas, and the 
subjects of a book i had vague plans to publish.



The Red Army Faction, A Documentary History - Volume 1: Projectiles For 
the People
by André Moncourt and J. Smith, with forewords by Bill Dunne and Russell 
"Maroon" Shoats
Paperback 736 pages
Published by Kersplebedeb and PM Press in 2009
ISBN 9781604860290

available from www.leftwingbooks.net (Kersplebedeb) and www.pmpress.org

for more information on the Red Army Faction, check out the German 
Guerilla website: http://www.germanguerilla.com

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