[Marxism] Why the Red Army Faction Matters

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 14:34:04 MST 2009

Talk about smuggling the conclusion into the premise... The opening
quote of this post from Clausewitz, On War reads: "It is of immense
importance that the soldier, high or low, whatever rank he has, should
not have to encounter in War those things which, when seen for the
first time, set him in astonishment and perplexity; if he has only met
with them one single time before, even by that he is half acquainted
with them. This relates even to bodily fatigues. They should be
practiced less to accustom the body to them than the mind. In War the
young soldier is very apt to regard unusual fatigues as the
consequence of faults, mistakes, and embarrassment in the conduct of
the whole, and to become distressed and despondent as a consequence.
This would not happen if he had been prepared for this beforehand by
exercises in peace."

The implication could not be more clear...that readers should be made
familiar with military and paramilitary activities and their effects
if we're going to be involved in radical politics.  It is, of course,
utterly absurd....

People should have gotten playing war out of their system before they
reach adulthood....


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