[Marxism] A message from Mike Crook, Socialist Alliance candidate for Sandgate

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Wed Mar 4 21:23:07 MST 2009

 Mike Crook is the Socialist Alliance candidate for Sandgate at the
upcoming Queensland state election on March 21st.
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A member of the ALP for 20 years, Mike recently joined the Socialist
Alliance, having become increasingly disenchanted with the ALP's
anti-worker, pro-corporate agenda.

Mike recently participated in a brigade to Venezuela, and seeing
participatory, grassroots democracy, was convinced that the future
lies in mobilizing people for socialist change.

Mike has been a steering committee member and activist on the Your
Rights At Work campaign committee which was instrumental in kicking
out the Howard government, and has campaigned tirelessly for
industrial rights and shorter working hours.

You can read more about the campaign  on the Socialist Alliance website

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